Frequently Asked Questions
What does a business coach actually do?
A business coach works with the owner, the CEO, the managers, and employees to create a thriving company. The role of the business coach is to consult, advise, and help implement the plan to create the thriving company. The business coach works 1 on 1 with you on your business delivering high impact changes which result in elevated revenue, profitability, cash flow, and overall return on investment.
How do you know this is the right investment?
A business coach works with businesses to increase revenue through marketing and sales, elevating profitability through maximising the business systems and effectiveness, creating and documenting systems which turns your business into a saleable asset and functioning business, and helps business growth across all areas.

If your business is missing out on money during operations, a business coach fixes this. If your business must grow in order to provide you with the income and lifestyle you desire, a business coach delivers this. If your business brings in a consistent flow of leads but does not convert them to sales, a business coach fixes this. If your business suffers low profitability, a business coach will improve the profitability to near-impossible heights.
Is my business coachable?
Yes – every single business and business owner is coachable, and the type of businesses who engage Biz Focused are Start Ups, Small Business/Home based business, Small Companies with 10 or less employees, and Medium Business with 10 employees or more but no more than 50. 

In fact, large businesses are eligible for higher returns as the impacts caused deliver much higher results.
You may find you do not want to take your business any further. If this is the case, the coaching is about maximising what you already have to improve your personal income and lifestyle opportunities.
Can you guarantee the coaching will work?
Partially, yes. However, the guarantee is based on you as the business owner (and your team) taking action and implementing the recommended tools, concepts and systems into your business to receive the results. If you are unable to implement what is discussed, then the guarantee does not apply to you.
If you are unhappy in the first 90 days, your investment will be refunded with no questions asked. The expectations are first discussed before partnering up.
Only I have the specialist knowledge to run my business, how can someone else outside of it help?
It is important for you to be the specialist of your business. However, a business coach is a specialist in business operations, sales, marketing, strategy, production, logistics, supply chain, distribution, corporate governance, and everything business. The business coach has a wealth of knowledge on how to operate any business and the effective systems which deliver maximum results.
The initial stages of the program are designed to encompass a ‘learning element’ to discover how your business operates. Once this stage is complete, the business coach will easily be able to navigate through your business and have a great handle on how your business operates. From here, the business coach will know what is required.
How do the marketing and coaching programs work?
There are 2 types of programs:

1. The Business Ignition System

The Business Ignition System is a powerful system for attracting new customers to your business. Business owners who purchase and implement this program need more customers. Your level of sales is inconsistent and you don't have an automated system to deliver these new customers every single day.

The Business Ignition System is a 6 week program, and you finish up with a lead generation system for attracting new customers every single day, a new and improved sales process along with sales and closing training, and a very clear understanding of how the system works and how to use it (as if you were a marketer).

2. The Business Performance System

The Business Performance System is a powerful system for increasing the profits of your business. Business owners who purchase and implement this program need to increase the profit margins, increase the level of income, disengage from their business, create more time, create more freedom in life outside of the business, generally have employees and are ready to start expanding.

The Business Performance System is an ongoing program, and we work with the business owner (and their team if required) to deliver a series of changes to the business, and to coach the business owner to become a more powerful and experienced business owner with high levels of business acumen and business knowledge.
What are the marketing and coaching areas of expertise?
The expertise of the business coach and marketer resides in 7 sectors of business across 7 industries; health, construction, professional services, retail, e-commerce, IT, and hospitality.
The 9 sectors of business within those industries are: Operations, Finance and Measurements, Distribution, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales and Buy In, Managing People, Strategy and Tactics.

In business almost every single system, process, concept, tool, or model is transferable across every industry. The business coach and marketer has worked in a number of industries and works with a number of clients from all different industries.
How are results measured?
Results are measured and reflect the difference between pre-program and during-program data to provide performance data on your business. 

Financial and operational data is recorded prior to launching into the coaching program. 

Results are measured through recording of financial data, tracking marketing and sales, tracking actions and execution, and storing business and implementation plans. A simple-to-use spreadsheet has been designed to monitor business performance and the performance of the business coach and marketer.
What are the benefits?
The benefits of partnering with a business coach and marketer can seem ambiguous at first. Why? The benefits of almost every single business vary. While there are common conditions or benefits across every business such as increased profitability, lifestyle changes, increased revenues, creating a saleable asset from the business, causing a flood of consistent leads, and removing the business owner from working IN the business to ON the business, there is a range of different benefits which are more personal to each business owner.

 Personal benefits typically revert back to one or two critical benefits; lifestyle, and money. Some of these may include an increase in revenue and profitability which funds a better lifestyle, or systemisation and elevated performance of the business to remove the business owner from the business and therefore an improved lifestyle. And for larger companies, elevated profitability through reduction of operational and investment expenses, and forming a long-lasting competitive edge to continue delivering results 5-10 years into the future.

The biggest benefit of all is having an external partner to your business. A partner to help guide, advise, and work with you during your business life causing growth, more money, better return on your investment into the business, and elevated performance.
Why at least 12 months?
As the saying goes for Rome, it is very similar for a business. Results don’t happen overnight, and in most cases it can take one to several months for an implemented action to take full effect. This is not to say results won’t come immediately, there are some items which typically deliver deepened financial results within the first few months and these changes usually fund the coaching program fee.
Secondly, in order to have the most effective impact, a 12 month arrangement allows sufficient time to observe, analyse, review, and detail an implementation plan. Taking action on the implementation plan can take time depending on how much time you have to invest into change outside of the coaching sessions. For example, if you spend 4 hours per month with the business coach, you should allow 4-8 hours per month of implementation time.

Thirdly, the first three months of a coaching program can come as a shock wave to your current beliefs and modes of operation. Thus, creating new habits and strain on your mental status – and therefore the first three months are strenuous and contain analysis, challenges, action planning, and change.
What should I have before I sign up?
It is important to have a budget in mind when investing into your business. There are two types of investments;
1. Upfront investment requiring a capital expense

Say you build a new website and it is $10,000 – this type of investment is typically an upfront cost or it is spread over the period of time to construct the website.

2. Ongoing investment requiring a certain level of cash flow

Say you invest with a marketing company to drive new leads – this type of investment is generally a small upfront cost, followed by a weekly management fee, followed by a weekly advertising spend.

When you partner with Biz Focused, and depending on the program type recommended and selected, your investment is either an ‘Ongoing Investment’ with no upfront cost, or an ‘Upfront Investment’ to kick start Marketing followed by an ‘Ongoing Investment’.
Why should I choose Facebook advertising over other advertising?
The short answer is this: Facebook advertising allows business owners to reach a monsterou audience with low advertising spend.

To increase your customer enquiries by 30 per month, we recommend spending $250 per month on advertising spend.

Facebook advertising can be used to grow your online audience, which in turn allows you to engage with more people who are interested in your business and your products or service. The larger your audience, or the bigger your network, the bigger your networth. 

Facebook advertising provides business owners with the ability to create an economy of your own, so you no longer worry about the current economy to support your business.
Why should I bother with SEO?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a powerful way to reach your customers they have an intent to fill a need or want. Google has become so vastly widepsread globally, that the consumer behaviour has shifted from asking friends and family for help to "just Googling it".

Google has been coined DR GOOGLE for a reason. People are now using Google to solve problems and answer questions, find products and services - all within a matter of minutes. It is therefore important as a business owner to be found locally and easily when a person has an intent for your product or service.

SEO is a long-term game, and while results are not instant, results do come through perseverance. And with this in mind, Biz Focused recommends SEO as a long-term strategy, and only after Facebook advertising is currently underway.
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