We share our answers to questions our customers ask
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
How much is each lead?
Good question - it depends on which industry you are from and which country you reside in. In the United States, a lead can range from $15USD to $150USD. In Australia, from $12AUD to $125AUD.
Do leads really fix my business?
9 times out of 10, yes - high quality leads will fix most business issues. And the reason why is because every business can do with more customers. What happens after this is a different story, but there aren't too many problems more leads can't fix.
How do you get more customers?
We tend to hear that getting more customers boils down to more sales. This is only partially true because without new enquiries (leads), you have no one to 'sell' to. 

Before you try and improve your 'sales', get more leads to sell to.
Can you guarantee what you offer will work?
Yep, we are a performance-based company. Our results are extremely good, and so we tend to base our service offer on performance and refund cash when we don't hit our targets with you.
How do I know Biz Focused can help me?
We cannot share any results we get with you. ALL of our clients sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) which restricts us from sharing our awesome results. 

However, we offer a money back guarantee. If we don't meet the results we tell you, we will refund you the cash you spent with us. And yes, we put that into our NDA's. 
Do you help all types of businesses?
Yes, we have experience working with a large range of different industries. The thing is, your business is more similar to a car. And like a mechanic fixes cars, tunes them up, enhances their performance through modification, Biz Focused does exactly this. We even know how to automate your car so it drives by itself.
How are results measured?
Results are determined during our initial discussions and measured through KPIs (key performance indicators). May be you want a certain volume of leads per month, or may be you want to ensure the leads reach a certain conversion level. These results are important to document and monitor.
Why at least a few weeks?
Advertising campaigns take time to set up and optimise. If we are running marketing campaigns, they take a week to set up and launch, and another week to optimise.
To survive and flourish in the dynamic and conducive work environment, survival of the fittest is the key. 

We specialize in offering digital lead generation because this single variable will cause the fire to be lit inside of any business.

We assist businesses across the globe.